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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Easy, Cheap Vegan Meals...Pasta and Garlic Mushrooms, Vegan Sunday Roast, Sweet corn Fritters...

Here are some more of my easy, cheap vegan dinner ideas...

Pasta and garlic mushrooms - fry chopped mushrooms and garlic in a little oil, mix with cooked pasta.  This is one of my urgh-just-got-in-from-work-and-need-to-eat-carbs-and-sit-down-now meals.

My vegan version of a Sunday dinner - roast potato and red onion wedges (cook the potatoes whole in the microwave first, before cutting into wedges and roasting with the onions in a little oil and sea salt), whatever veg I have in the fridge and I have either stuffing balls or a vegan sausage (the stuffing balls are from a dry packet mix, not much nutritional value but they taste nice and I can get 4 servings out of a pack of Paxo).

Vegan sweetcorn fritter - this doesn't look very appetising in this photo, but let me promise you, a vegan sweetcorn fritter is very yummy.  I posted the recipe for these years ago, but I've slightly changed my method now - I leave out the egg replacer, and put in turmeric and spring onions.  Sometimes I make a couple of little ones, and sometimes they get stuck together in the pan and form a giant mono-fritter.  Both are good.  Also good to take in your lunchbox, they warm up well in a microwave or a toaster (if you're careful!).

What yummy vegan meals do you like making?

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